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Data & Demographics for: 4500 Taft Rd Sherman Illinois

This address is located within Block Group (BG) 171670038.025. A Block Group is the smallest geographical unit for which the Census Bureau publishes sample data. Block Group Map & more data.

Block Group Data & Demographics

  • Total Population: 1,181
  • Total Housing Units: 440
  • Owner Occupied Housing: 78.0%
  • Renter Occupied Housing: 20.5%
  • Vacant Housing: 1.6%
  • Population in Group Qrts: 0
Data Updated: July 1, 2017, Data References & Sources.
  • Average Home Value: $176,020
  • Median Home Value: $165,890
  • Average HH Income: $81,873
  • Median HH Income: $73,764
  • Average Household Size: 2.7
  • Diversity Index1: 8.5

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