McDonough County IL Historical Schools


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Historical Features are physical or cultural features that are no longer visible on the landscape. Examples: a dried up lake, a destroyed building, a hill leveled by mining. The term makes no reference to the age, use, or any other aspect of the feature. A ghost town, for example, is not a historical feature if it is still visible.

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Name USGS Topo Map
Adair Community High School Adair
Bardolph High School Bardolph
Bean School Colchester
Birds School Bushnell West
Blandinsville School Blandinsville
Blazer School Doddsville
Brickyard School Macomb
Brock School Bushnell East
Browns School Good Hope
Browns School Industry
Buncombe School Fandon
Burnsville School Good Hope
Camp Creek School Bardolph
Cane Patch School Blandinsville
Centennial School Fountain Green
Center Point School Bardolph
Center School Blandinsville
Center School Bushnell West
Center School Good Hope
Chalkey School Industry
Cherry Grove School Colchester
Coker School Doddsville
Coloma School Industry
Cottage Corner School Doddsville
Cottonwood School Bardolph
Crabb School Good Hope
Crowl School Bushnell East
Crown Point School Bardolph
Curtis School Bushnell East
Deckers School Bushnell West
Dixie School Industry
Eagle School Fandon
East Bethel School Doddsville
East School Fandon
Ebenezer School Macomb
Egypt School Industry
Elm Grove School Blandinsville
Emory School Bushnell West
Excelsior School Macomb
Fairmont School Macomb
Fairview School Bardolph
Fandon School Fandon
Foster Point School Vermont
Foster School Blandinsville
Franklin School Good Hope
Frog Pond School Good Hope
Frogpond School Bardolph
Gooseneck School Macomb
Guy School Blandinsville
Hagan School Colchester
Hainline School Blandinsville
Hamilton School Good Hope
Hanson School Bardolph
Hardscrabble School Blandinsville
Harmony School Macomb
Harris School La Harpe
Harvey School Vermont
Hickory Grove School Macomb
Hicks School Colchester
Hills Grove School Fountain Green
Hume School Colchester
Huston Lawn School Blandinsville
Independence School Colchester
Jackson School Bardolph
Jones School Bardolph
Lawyer School Colchester
Liberty School Blandinsville
Litchfield School Macomb
Locust School Bushnell West
Lombard School Blandinsville
Long Nine School Macomb
Lynn Grove School Bushnell West
Macomb Female Seminary Macomb
Maguire School Macomb
Maple Grove School Bushnell West
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